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In 1975, Sikkim became the smallest State of India.

Until then, it was a kingdom.     

Sikkim is  north to south appreciatively 70 miles and 40 miles east to west.


The people of Sikkim reflect an ethnic and cultural diversity. Along with the  Lepchas (  so peaceful, there is no word for “war” in their language), are Bhutia , Hindu Nepalis, and Indian  .


Sikkim has only recently been opened to  tourists. With Sikkim And Nepal Treks And Tours (SANTAT) you can discover  painted Buddhist monasteries, traditional Lepcha villages, sacred lakes,  trek routes etc...


Sikkim is a naturalist’s paradise  noted for its vast varieties, 560, of orchids, primeval forests of  40 species of rhododendron trees, and 100 exotic butterflies. These mountains are also home to snow leopards, musk and barking deer, red panda, blue sheep, 600 species of birds etc.. and probably the legendary Yeti!


To preserve Sikkim’s place ( most of the mountain areas in Sikkim have a fragile ecosystem ) government restrictions  regulate individual travel. This demands any trekkers to obtain special permit to trek.  Sikkim and Nepal Treks and Tours (SANTAT)  facilitates the necessary paperwork and logistics of such a trip.



Sikkim Permit : You need an ILP/ Sikkim permit to visit this area which can be applied along with your Indian Visa at Indian Consulate/Embassy. Another way to get the ILP is to arrive at Rangpo and get your ILP as you enter The permissible duration of the stay for foreign tourists is 15 days initially.The State Government is authorized to extend the same twice by a further period of 30 days (15 days each).

Trekking Permit : The Singalila  and Dzongri Goecha-La trek are high altitude treks. A special permit (which is available for certain specified area for groups consisting of two , it depends ,  foreigners ) is needed to do theese treks, which have to be booked through an Indian government accredited agency.

Accessibility to Sikkim: By plane

The nearest airport is Bagdogra (North Bengal) which is 124 kms away and about 4 hours drive from Gangtok and 95 kms and 3 hours drive from Darjeeling. There are Indian Airlines and other private Airline services operating from Bagdogra linking Kolkata, Guwahati and New Delhi.

By Railway
The two nearest railway stations are Siliguri ( near Bagdogra) and New Jalpaiguri where access to Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, Lucknow and other important cities in India is easy.